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Feng Office is a project management solution for businesses of all sizes. It features such services as document management, issue tracking, portfolio management, resource management, and others. The software was designed and launched by Standing Cloud Inc headquartered in Colorado, United States. 

Why use Feng Office:

Whether you’re working on a company-wide project or managing simple projects and clients for a small team, trying to make sure your next initiative is a success; you need a project management solution that will make your workload easier and more productive for you and for everyone.

Feng Office’s work collaboration and project management platform can help you to: 

  Better Communication 

Forget chaotic days where you have to be on top of a million individual tasks, dozens of Outlook inboxes, documents all around, and projects running out of time. Feng Office helps you stay on top of every single one of your projects or clients, and maintain all the information centralized and accessible in one place. 

Delegate tasks efficiently and don’t worry about colleagues not knowing what to do or when to do it. Always know what’s in progress, what’s coming up next, and who’s in charge of what. 


 Improved Productivity 

Feng Office adapts to the way you work, and not the other way around. It provides configurable task templates, custom actions and fields, and a hierarchy organization system that you can set up yourself. You and your colleagues do not have to reinvent your work methodology, so your colleagues can adapt to Feng Office just as well. 

Great business processes won’t succeed unless you have a complete birds-eye view of how well the project is being followed up and executed. Be able to analyze all of your work processes, your time and your money to know what is profitable, efficient and beneficial to improve your company in the best way possible. 


 Save Time and Money 

Automated processes will help you to execute projects faster, giving you the power to attend a higher number of projects or clients, in less time. Less time spent on processing and searching data, or creating individual work processes, means more time analyzing and executing projects, saving up valuable work time that can be better spent on future projects. By attending a larger number of projects or clients your will see increased incomes. 

   Increased Customer Satisfaction 

Stay on top of every client and every project to ensure quality customer care!. Always know when to contact them, in order to meet their expectations and assist them right away. When tasks are completed on time, and you are up to date with the status of each project and client… you can better serve your client needs. Clients that are assured efficient customer care are more likely to trust you with more projects or tasks, and even better, recommend you to other colleagues. 

 Higher Return on Investments 

Better communication and well-defined processes lead to higher levels of productivity and client satisfaction. This only adds up to one thing: 

Improved Profits. 

Whether you use your increased productivity levels to reduce your costs, better attend a growing customer base, or increase your bills, you can gain control of your budget and your profits.  Feng Office is an open-source collaboration platform that is web-based and written in PHP. This application has three editions: Community, Professional, and Enterprise. In this tutorial, we will install the Community edition which is the basic Feng Office and includes excellent features such as task management, document management, workspaces, and a lot more. 

Feng  Installation:

Installation Procedure

  1. Obtain the Feng Office installation file (usually stored as a .zip file) through your Account Executive if you are a Feng onSite client, or from the website if you are going to install the Community Edition.
  2. Unpack the Feng Office installation file on your server hard drive in the location you would like to have it at.
  3. Make sure that the following folders have writing permissions (chmod 777 or chown apache in linux):
    1. config
    2. cache
    3. tmp
    4. upload
  4. Access your browser and go to http://www.yourdomain.com/some_directory/feng/public/install
  5. Follow the installation procedure explained below.

Feng Office Installer

The installer counts with 4 different steps that will guide you through the installation.

Step 1

This is a Welcome screen as shown below:

Once you read the information, click Next

Step 2

In this step, the Installer checks your web server environment to make sure it complies with the requirements.

If there are any problems, the installer will tell you about them with the text marked in red. Once the problem is solved (i.e.: installing the missing plugin or providing access to certain folders), go back to the installer and hit Retry to check again. Once you get only green messages as shown next, it means everything is fine and you may proceed with the installation by clicking on Next.

Step 3

In this step you will have to provide the following information:

  • Database Type: Select MySQLi (starting with 3.7) or MySQL (older versions)
  • Host name: Type in your host name. In the example below it is localhost
  • User name: Type in your MySQL username
  • Password: Type in your MySQL password
  • Data Base name: Type in the name of the database to hold this Feng Office installation. If it does not exist, a new one will be created
  • Table prefix: Type in fo_ (which is the default option)
  • Data Base engine: we suggest selecting InnoDB

Within the Other settings options on the bottom, you will have to select which plugins to be installed. By default, all of the available plugins will be selected. Please bear in mind the following:

  1. The core_dimensions plugin is compulsory. You must install it.
  2. The workspaces plugin can be obtained through the Feng Office Community Edition, and it is required to use the Workspaces module
  3. The mail plugin can be obtained through the Feng Office Community Edition, and you will have to install it in order to use the incorporate the email client Feng Office provides
  4. The CRPM plugin is only available for subscribed clients using the Professional Edition, and it should be installed in order to enable the CRM and Projects features
  5. The Gantt plugin in the screenshot is only available for subscribed clients using the Professional Edition, and it should be installed in order to enable the Gantt Chart
  6. The Mail rules plugin in the screenshot is only available for subscribed clients using the Professional Edition, and it should be installed in order to enable the mail rules which is part of the Advanced Email module

Step 4

Step 4 will let you know what happened during the installation process and let you know whether everything has gone all right. In the picture below, the selected name for the database was fengoffice2100, but of course you may select a different one.

Click the Finish button to quit the installer.

Adding the first user

Last but not least, after you are over with the Feng Office installation, you will have to add the first user by completing the form as shown below. Please bear in mind the following is only an example and you should actually provide your own data, and that the user will have the role of a SuperAdministrator.

Once the user has been added, you will be prompted to the login screen, and then you are ready to start using Feng Office!


Feng Office is a Collaboration Platform that enables you to manage your projects and business services, collaborate with your team and your customers, organize and share documents and files.



Admin(My Office)

My Office


Feng Office’s code is written in PHP, has a proven track record of stability and security. Feng Office is being actively developed.

Feng Office is released under the GNU AFFERO GPL.


Features of FENG OFFICE:


Feng Office can be the best collaborate project management tool that keeps your team and clients working together, and helps you and your team stay connected and in control of all your Projects.




Within the Dashboards you will be able to see more information about the status and progress of everything in a more granular way: seeing the due tasks, the estimated time vs worked time chart, the expenses chart, who has access to it, among other things.




You can track every task, sub-task and milestone that is part of a project, process, service or activity. Tasks also include reminders and alerts whenever the due date is close and the activity is still pending. Besides the Tasks List, our Gantt Chart quickly shows you in a graphical way the exact status and progress of each of them, and that is not all! It lets you manipulate them so that you save time!



How are you dealing with your organization processes? Have they been defined and written somewhere or do you have to rely on a specific colleague of yours? If so, what if this colleague is on a meeting, on holidays or anywhere else? Given those scenarios it would be great to have them in a system somehow, right? What if the system also lets you launch the processes so that everyone follows them step by step not to miss anything? Human errors would be drastically reduced and instead of remembering instructions, people could focus their attention on the actual content and process. Yet again, this is something you can achieve with Feng Office by simply picking the people responsible for the process and its start or due date, making this module one of the most popular and powerful ones.




Are you tracking the time it takes you to complete an activity, task or project? Otherwise, how do you properly know their status and progress? Or how much to charge to your client or pay to a vendor? By tracking time you will also be able to estimate tasks and projects in a better way in the future, and thus to save time.



What about your documents? Do you store them somewhere else and it takes you lots of time to retrieve them? Worry no more, in Feng Office you can store all of the clients, projects or any other kind of document you have, even Google Docs. You can even create and edit certain documents within the system.





Reports are very important and every organization needs them. Not just any report though but the ones YOU actually need. Even though Feng Office has default reports which are widely used by our adepts, you can always set up flexible and custom reports that will show you the information YOU require, and even export them into PDF or CSV files.





The calendar allows scheduling your events and meetings agenda and also shows your tasks and milestones start dates and due dates. On top of that, it can be integrated with Google Calendar too!





Ever thought of having all of your information integrated, including your emails classified within the right projects and clients so that you do not have to spend time looking for them in your regular email client? This can be achieved in a blink of an eye within Feng Office!




What if you were able to keep track of your expenses such as materials, transportation and labour work so that you know how much you have exactly spent in a project or client and then compare it with the income? Other than keeping track of everything you would be able to tell the profit you have made.



Were you aware that the average time spent in any organization looking for information is about 40% of their working time? By having everything in one system, being able to filter by a client, project or workspace, and a robust Search Engine like ours, you could instantly find what you are looking for




Besides managing your clients and projects, you may use Workspaces to manage the different departments of your company and restrict the access even further. Or you may as well use them as something else of course.




Do you or your colleagues have to leave the workplace and would like to use a smartphone or tablet to access the data? No problem. Our mobile web application will let you access from any mobile device no matter what Operating System it has provided that it has an internet connection.





The Administration Panel lets you manage users permissions, settings and many different configuration options so that you can tune the system to your precise needs. Permissions are very granular so that you could even let your clients or other collaborators to restrictively access the system: i.e. reading documents in one project, but not peaking the tasks



Major Features Of  Feng Office:




Installing Feng Office



Feng Office on cloud

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