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SPIP is a publishing system for the Internet in which great importance is attached to collaborative working, to multilingual environments, and to simplicity of use for web authors.

It consists of a collection of files installed on a web server which allow you to take advantage of a number of automated tasks: multi-user management, laying out your articles without the need to use HTML, easily modifying the structure of your site, etc.




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Using the very same application as used to browse a site (Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera…), SPIP enables you to build and update your site thanks to a very simple user interface.


Major Features of SPIP

  • Petitions using SPIP
  • Image processing
  • Creating a multilingual site
  • Internationalizing Templates
  • Inserting LaTEX mathematical formulae
  • Typographical Images
  • Automatic image processing
  • Content Syndication
  • Multimedia and graphical processes


Installing SPIP with Softaculous in cPanel

SPIP on cloud

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