PHP Address Book on cloud

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PHP Address Book is a Simple, web-based address & phone book based on PHP and MySQL.



Edit/add address book entry


Address book features


PHP Address Book is released under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.


Major Features Of  PHP Address

  • Manages contacts & groups.
  • Exports Excel, vCard – Import vCard, LDIF (ThunderBird).
  • Show geographical maps of groups.
  • Protects the site with a login.
  • Detects and displays over 12 languages.
  • Displays the next birthdays.
  • Optimized for Browser, iPhone and Print.
  • Support ActiveSync for iPhone and Android.
  • Shows birthdays in iPhone calendar.
  • Authentication based on User/Password or IP-Address/-Range.




Simple address book with php and mysql using pdo

PHP Address Book on cloud

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