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Open Real Estate lets you create your own website to get the profits within the shortest possible time or to present your real estate agency on the Internet. An easy-to-use interface, high website speed, social tools, a variety of functions and add-ons – all this and some more help to build a business based on our products efficiently. Open Real Estate offers real estate agencies and real estate agents the technology they need to connect with real estate owners, prospective buyers and Internet surfers.



  1. After unpacking product files, load them in binary mode to the desired directory of ftp-server (this may be html, www, httpdocs, public_html or subfolder).
  2. Then set permission 0777 to some folders and files:
    • assets
    • protected/runtime and its subfolders
    • uploads and its subfolders
    • protected/config/db.php
    • protected/config/cron.php

    When installation is done don’t forget to set ‘read-only’ (0644) right for the files protected/config/db.php and protected/config/cron.php again

  3. With the help of ftp client FileZilla, the process of setting the rights is as follows:
    • click the folder with the right button of the mouse and choose “File permissions” in the context menu;
    • set the value 0777 and click “ok”;
    • set permission 0777 for the folders protected/runtime, uploads and for the files protected/config/db.php, protected/config/cron.php in the same way;
    • now you are ready to install.

To start installation:

  • type URL of the website, where you are installing the product, in the address bar;
  • choose the language of installation (only for Pro and Ultimate version);
  • fill in the database access, select login and password of the administrator on the next page;

When installation is done don’t forget to set ‘read-only’ (0644) right for the files protected/config/db.php and protected/config/cron.php again.


-Open Real Estate is a free software for building websites of real estate agencies and realtors. It is based on Yii CMF – one of the fast working modern frameworks.





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Open Real Estate is a ready-to-use business solution. It can increase the profits of the real estate agency and the real estate agents as well.

Open Real Estate is released under the open source GNU GPL version 2.


The Major Features Of

  • it is possible to post listings of property for sale and for rent with images, descriptions, displaying on the map;
  • user is able to reserve a property online;
  • user is able to send a message for booking a property with criteria he/she needs and his/her comments, the administrator is able to find and advise him/her an appropriate real estate;
  • search through listings, sort by price and rate;
  • all listings are displayed on the map;
  • users can post comments and rate the listings;
  • comments and rates can be displayed on the site at once or only after moderation by the administrator;
  • each listing can have an image gallery (unlimited number of images);
  • user can set a bookmark with publishing in social networks;
  • the section News;
  • the section Q&As;
  • management of site pages, ability to embed widgets (functional blocks) into pages;
  • the listing can be marked as Special offer, and such a listing will be highlighted in search results;
  • management of site parameters: cache settings, maps settings, settings of listings’ displaying, settings of notifications for the administrator and users and many other parameters.



Installing Open Real Estate with Softaculous in cPanel


Open Real Estate on cloud

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