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SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition on Cloud

Overview of SQL Server Enterprise: Microsoft SQL Server is an accessible, high-performance database management system. Designed to meet the requirements of distributed client-server computing, SQL Server enables organizations to improve decision-making and streamline business processes. Microsoft SQL Server is your solution to complex business problems. It offers reduced complexity for users, administrators and developers as

SQL Server 2016 Web Edition on Cloud

        SQL Server 2016 Web edition is a low total-cost-of-ownership option for Web hosters and Web VAPs (Value Added Providers) to provide scalability, affordability and manageability capabilities for small to large scale Web properties. Secure, cost effective and highly scalable data platform for public web sites. The Web edition is available to third

ProjectLibre on cloud

ProjectLibre is a freshly strengthened open source project proposed to update and invigorate a software tool projected as an alternative to commercial software like Microsoft Project. It is free software, just as the name suggests, but it is also compatible with any other project management software that can read and write .xml formatted documents. Obviously,

Brackets on cloud

Brackets is a frivolous and influential code editor for web designers and developers. It offers advanced features like inline editing so that we can work on linked files without having to change between different tabs in the document window. Software required: Brackets text editor. Brackets are exoduses you can attach to your stock or option orders when you

CCleaner on cloud

CCleaner Network helps to keep Network of business Endpoints running perfectly by allowing to run CCleaner from a centrally-managed admin console. It provides all of the cleaning and performance-enhancing features of CCleaner Business Edition, without you having to leave your desk.This permits  to reduce support costs, increase hardware ROI, and lengthen the lifecycle of Endpoints.CCleaner

Avogadro on cloud

Avogadro has advanced an unconventional molecule editor and visualizer designed for cross-platform use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, and related areas. It offers flexible, high quality rendering, and a powerful plugin architecture. Characteristic uses include building molecular structures, formatting input files, and analyzing output of an extensive variety of computational chemistry packages.

LDAP on cloud

LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and it is a software protocol for allowing anyone to locate data about organizations, individuals and other resources such as files and devices in a network — whether on the public internet or on a corporate intranet. LDAP is a “lightweight”  version of Directory Access Protocol (DAP), which is part of X.500, a standard

XAMPP on cloud

XAMP   XAMPP stands for Cross-Platform (X), Apache (A), MySQL (M), PHP (P) and Perl (P). It is an unpretentious, frivolous Apache distribution that makes it tremendously easy for developers to create a local web server for testing purposes. All you need to set up a web server – server application (Apache), database (MySQL), and scripting

teamfs12 on cloud

Team Foundation Server 2015 on cloud

TFS stands for Team Foundation Server which is developed by Microsoft. Integration of TFS with Visual Studio enables a team to work together and organize their efforts to complete a project. Dot Net developers use TFS for source control, bug tracking, requirement gathering and to manage complete lifecycle of software development. Collaboration: The primary purpose of Team

SQL Job Manager on cloud

SIMPLIFY SQL SERVER JOB MONITORING AND MANAGEMENT SQL Enterprise Job Manager provides comprehensive monitoring and management of SQL Server agent jobs across all your SQL Servers. The familiar calendar layout makes it easy to view status, manage details, and review history for any job or instance in your environment. Manage jobs proactively by chaining jobs

SQL Permissions Extractor on cloud

SQL permissions extractor a free tool which extracts and migrates permissions from objects in SQL. It generates T-SQL scripts for copying of user permissions. It can edit, save, and execute permissions scripts and includes object level permissions for selected databases. Once SQL permissions extractor has generated a permissions script, apply this script to any object


Query Store by optimizing its properties and contents. This affects how the Query Store captures per database a history of queries, plans, and run-time statistics. 1. Improve SQL Server 2016 Query Store performance 2. See all Query Store properties in single summary table 3. Execute predefined actions that modify Query Store properties and contents 4.

SQL Heat Map on cloud

SQL Heat Map is a tool for easy-to-read analytical imaging to rapidly identify your largest capacity of users. Get one visual view of storage in all tables of a database See storage allocation, utilization, and type of data Great for capacity reviews and planning Quickly locate tables and indexes that need more allocated storage A

MySQL Query Explorer on cloud

The MySQL Query Explorer Monitor highlights top resource consuming queries in execution and provides summary statistics to give a quick overview of status and places to investigate further. Set the sampling interval between 30 seconds and 10 minutes or manually refresh to get a real-time view. Select queries for further investigation or Kill a problem

SQL Backup Status Reporter on cloud

Quickly identify databases which have not had backups View backup history including the backup date and type Simplified grid view for easy sorting and navigation Identify full and differential backups for many databases Connect to cloud and run in cloud (provisional)   One of the most important DBA roles is to perform daily health check

SQL Instance Check on cloud

Discover all SQL Server versions Patch compliance checks on SQL servers Discover important information about SQL Server instances Simple installation, no agents required   SQL Instance Check on cloud for AWS       Major Features of SQL Instance Check  Discover All SQL Server Versions Discover what versions of SQL Server you have by scanning

SQL BI Check on cloud

1.  Real-time performance monitoring for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 2. See physical server metrics for CPU, disk, and storage. 3. View analysis metrics for SSAS processing, memory, and cache. 4. Get up and running in minutes, no agents required.   Major Features of  SQL BI Check Real-time SQL BI Performance Monitoring : Monitor the

SQL Hekaton Memory Check on cloud

SQL Hekaton Memory Check, a free tool that allows database administrators (DBAs) to see real-time memory usage on all SQL Server instances that use Hekaton, and take immediate action to avoid downtime and optimize appropriately. Hekaton, Microsoft’s in-memory database for online transaction processing in SQL Server, can increase processing speeds up to 30x using a

SQL Statistics Aggregator on cloud

SQL Statistics Aggregator tool allows users to speed up the aggregation and analysis of Statistics IO data that is common when doing query tuning by creating an interactive table of the data making it much easier to view and interpret. Using this information, database administrators (DBAs) can quickly see where the problems are that otherwise

SQL Update Statistics on cloud

Launch directly within SSMS for optimal usability Identify out-of-date SQL Server table and index statistics View and change database statistics options Create graphical histograms for each column’s statistics Easy point-and-click rebuilding of statistics Connect to cloud and run in cloud (provisional) SQL Update Statistics on cloud for AWS   Major Features of SQL Update Statistics

SQL Page Viewer on cloud

What is MYSQL, and why it is a popular choice? MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) that is widely used for managing and organizing large amounts of structured data. It is one of the most popular database systems in the world and has a strong reputation for reliability, scalability, and ease of

SQL XEvent Profiler on cloud

IDERA’s SQL XEvent Profiler emulates the functionality and simplicity of SQL Server Profiler, letting you quickly view data from SQL events and see what’s happening on the server. Plus, it leverages SQL Extended Events (XEvents) as the backing technology — making it more efficient, more powerful and more scalable than SQL Trace. View sessions running

SQL Fragmentation Analyzer on cloud

Idera’s SQL fragmentation analyzer displays a graphical view of the fragmentation level of your SQL Server indexes, helping you see what indexes might require maintenance. Idera’s commercial SQL defrag manager 3.1 takes this a step further and lets you automate defragmentation. You can find SQL fragmentation analyzer at the Idera site. Analyze fragmentation by one

Sql Ping on cloud

SQL Ping is a nice little command line enumerator that specifically looks for SQL servers and requires no authentication whatsoever. It works on all versions of SQL server up to and including 2005 and also Express editions.SQL Ping is a cool utility that’s useful for both discovering SQL Server systems in your environments as well

sql prompt  on cloud

SQL Prompt is the SQL IntelliSense and code-formatting tool, and is an asset in developer flexibility and output. It will both increase personal coding efficiency and improve team-based development practices, leading to advanced quality, more consistent and more consistent code. Why Developers need SQL Prompt Improved coding productivity (code suggestions and completion) The most immediate

SQL Check on cloud

Real-time SQL BI Performance Monitoring Monitor the performance of physical server activity as well as analysis services to get a better picture of your SQL BI systems. Set the refresh rate to as little as 1 minute and see up to 2 ½ hours of data. The configurable dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the

ApexSQL TriggerViewer with sql server 2016 on cloud

  ApexSQL Trigger is an auditing tool for SQL Server databases which captures DML/DDL changes that have occurred including information on who made the change, which objects were affected by it, when it was made, as well as information on the SQL login, application, and host used to make the change. Visual themes in ApexSQL

ApexSQL Complete with SQL Server 2016 on cloud

Automatically complete SQL statements Improve productivity with snippets Keep track of all your tabs Easily navigate to SQL objects Review an object’s script and description Identify the structure of complex SQL queries Log every executed query Check queries in test mode Description To enable the Auto-complete feature, navigate to the ApexSQL Complete menu, and click the Enable auto-complete command:    

ApexSQL Refactor with SQL Server 2016 on cloud

ApexSQL Refactor is a free SQL formatter, and database refactoring tool for SQL Server. Format SQL queries, refactor SQL code and database tables with ease. It can format and refactor code directly in SSMS or VS, qualify objects, expand wildcards, encapsulate SQL, locate and highlight unused variables and parameters, and much more for FREE. ApexSQL

ApexSQL Search with SQL Server 2016 on cloud

ApexSQL Search analyzes SQL Server database object’s dependencies within the database, across databases, scripts and even applications. It recognizes all database dependencies, even those not recognized by SQL Server itself. Search for SQL objects directly in SSMS and VS, quickly find data in SQL tables and views, visualize complex relationships between objects and rename SQL