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Add DPOR to Azure subscription

Adding Partner of Record to an Azure subscription Step 1.The first step is to browse to Azure Partner Management . Login if required. Step 2. Please enter 2827011 in the box as shown. Step 3 Click Submit. If you are unable to access above link, you shall need to contact the admin of the account.

Bugs on cloud

    Bugs is Simple Issue Tracking for Teams Bugs is released under the MIT LICENSE. Login Create A new issue Tags Create New Project My Settings Major Features of Bugs Simple: as few features as possible flexible: Bugs doesn’t decide whether you should think in term of priorities, types of issues, milestones, etc… Instead,

todoyu on cloud

    todoyu is the web-based way to get your tasks done. todoyu is all about bringing your team and clients together to work jointly on projects. Login My Filters Planning Installed Extensions All Records todoyu is as simple as needed and focused on the most important: Enable your team to work as efficient as

Help Center Live on cloud

    Help Center Live is an open-source, community driven live chat & support system. You may easily provide live support on your website just like large companies do with very little work. With Help Center Live, you can provide a real-time, live support or sales person experience.           Major Features

Cotonti on cloud

    Cotonti is a powerful open-source web development framework and content manager with a focus on security, speed and flexibility. Cotonti combines the flexibility of a web framework with the rapid deployability and featureset of a content management system. Despite having features such as user accounts, content creation, file management and community tools out

Microweber on cloud

    Microweber is an open source drag and drop CMS. The core idea of the software is to let you create your own website, online shop or blog. From this moment of creation on, your journey towards success begins. Tagging all along will be different modules, customizations and features of the CMS, among them

suitecrm on cloud on azure aws google cloud


    SuiteCRM is a software fork of the SugarCRM. SuiteCRM is a free and open source Customer Relationship Management Software. It is one of the most popular alternatives to the famous paid SugarCRM and SalesForce.In order to test SuiteCRM, one can either subscribe for a demo instance which only lasts a couple of days.