Cockpit Usage – Web Console Access

Cockpit is a Web based server management tool and is useful Web based GUI through which sysadmins can monitor and manage their Linux servers, it can also used to manage networking and storage on servers, containers, virtual machines and inspections of system and application’s logs.

To use web console via Cockpit please follow the below instructions:

Login to your system

Run the following command to enable and start cockpit service

sudo systemctl enable cockpit.socket

Please enable port 9090 on your local as well as cloud firewall, example on AWS open port 9090 on inbound rules to public or preferably to a restricted IP list

You can access the web portal using username and password either by enabling root password login or creating a new user

Please see below instructions on how to create a sudo user:

First create a new user account from the command line.

For example, create the alice user account, run:
# adduser alice

Set the password for alice user by typing the following passwd command:
# passwd alice

A new user account was created. Verify it:
# id alice

All members of the wheel group have sudo access. So all you have to do is append user account to the wheel group using the usermod command command:
# usermod -aG wheel marlena

Open your system web browser and type url :


Cockpit Usage – Web Console Access